Monday, June 09, 2014

Whew....we had 5 of 6 grandchildren graduating from some school level milestone to another, kindergarten to 1st grade, 5th to middle school, high school and even San Diego State University.  Another one to 2nd year at SDSU.

Better photo tracking----  for younger son, Rick.

We are very proud &
happy Gramma and Grandpa.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


A New Year -- 2014

Moving on with 2014 - Christmas with older son Mike and family.  Granddaughters Haley and Hannah both attending San Diego State University.  
Younger son Rick and family starting getting sick just before Christmas and ran through all 6 of them until last week.
Finally celebrated Christmas with 4 grandchildren their Dad and Mom yesterday and today.  Smiles and laughter, especially with the twin 6 year olds.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


2013 JUNE

Graduation time for Hannah.  She will join her sister, Haley(a senior there) at San Diego State University.

 Hannah and Haley - 2013

Kierstin is going into her senior year in high school then she will be off to college.  Her sister Annika is starting 4th grade and twins sister/brother Caitlyn and Eric III start Kindergarten.  Eric II(Rick) and Karen have done a fine job with their tribe.  Time marches on....

Our older son, Mike retired as Battalion Chief from CalFire/CDF last Dec. 2012.

Mike visiting us while we were staying  at the beach in Encinitas at a friends home while she was in Scotland.

Haley visiting us at the beach.  Very nice weather and fantastic home and view thanks to Mary Shinn.

Sister Pixie visiting us at the beach.  That was a surprise for us and her.  Pixie retired as a Battalion Chief from CalFire/CDF, as did my brother Carl.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Eric Vogt   State Forest Ranger III/Deputy Chief-Retired from CalFire/CDF

Sisters Pixie and Suzanne

Mike, Eric, Pixie, Rick(Eric II) and Carl
We all made Chief Officer!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Update for January 2013

Very nice Christmas and holiday season.  Spent lots of time with our son's families.  Thanksgiving, twins birthday on Dec. 1, Christmas and New Years.  Takes awhile to spool down.

Caitlyn, who will pull on your heart at will.

Haley in San Diego State University

Rick and Karen's family to Palm Springs Tram on the mountain- Winter 2012

Haley and Hannah at Mike's 50th birthday

Saturday, September 08, 2012

August  2012
We lost Mom on the 17th, just past her 89th birthday.  She had many visits before she passed from her children, Pixie, Roger, Carl, Sue and I, as well as visits with her grand-children and great-grandchildren.  It was tough to lose our Mom, but she is in a better place and watches over all of us with her wisdom and spirit.

Our family also gathered to do a yard/garage sale for a few days, a week after Mom passed.  Sue was still there from Alaska, Kathy still from Canada, Bonnie and I from Palm Desert and Pixie and Joel from Hemet who live near Mom.

Here is Mom's final resting place, just as she wanted it.  We all love you, Mom.

Olga Tracz Vogt

Thursday, November 05, 2009


APRIL 2011

June 2011
Filling in for Mom and Dad

June 2010 Summer Fun
Eric and Bonnie enjoying Del Mar Vacation 3 times a year

Haley, Pam, Hannah and Mike
Rick and Eric III
Rick teaching Caitlyn to fly a kite
Mike, Haley and Pam

2010 Vacation time at the Del Mar Beach
We just came home from the beach.  Spent time with Mike and Pam's family.  Haley just graduated from High School and starts SDSU in San Diego in August.  Hannah starts 10th grade, Kierstin starts 9th grade, Annika starts 2nd grade in the fall.  Eric III and Caitlyn start pre-school, too.


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